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  • In Case You Missed It

    Jonathan Little is giving away a $1200 for the Colossal in Vegas. Also just for entering he has some freebies.
    The entry period ends at midnight edt..... good luck

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    CY, home game 6/10: donk here, one day the chickens, next day the feathers? it was great playing with you, i wanted to see more of your playing, sorry, the way you was over betting I figured you for top pair, I had 2 pair, the river surprised me ? BOAT! wow! I got KOed 33rd with AK spades +w/4 flushdraw dammit man! top pair and AK sucks, shit happens? go figure! what did you think of my playing?
    do you have the poker stars tournament # of that game so i can review the game plays? i misplaced the #??
    I played in poker stars last sunday Billion, 1567 players, KOed 28th place, play $.


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      Hey sorry that was a typo. I meant to write donk lead which is vastly different than donk leads. Sorry about that.

      The way that hand played out I capped you with top pair as well and felt like you were willing to get your stack in .

      its all good.

      I’ll have to look for the game recap when I get home. I’m at the Borgata right now.

      As for your play I wasn’t in the game long enough to have an idea of how anyone played lol.

      Maybe getting it all in on the turn with top pair and a weak kicker is a mistake long term