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  • Is this too nitty?

    Over the weekend I got to participate in my first live tournament for a while. Overall it went fairly well and I made relatively few mistakes. Just one hand has been bugging me.

    10 handed.

    All opponents have been playing overly passive apart from the two players on my direct left (typical) who have been 3betting a good amount but not excessively so.

    The player on my right open limped 33 from UTG on the first hand of the tourney but other than that hasn't got involved at all. We are probably about 2 hours in at this point.

    Effective stacks 70BB.

    Hand in question:

    Hand: 9s9d
    Position: UTG+1 (10 handed)
    Stack: 70bb

    UTG: Raise to 5bb

    Me: ?

    So that's it. My normal game is 6-max cash but I do have a little bit of experience playing 9 handed MTTs, 10 handed was pretty new to me but I suppose you just give UTG an even tighter range than usual.

    I think the normal play in this situation would just be to call right? To 3bet UTG from UTG+1 10 handed would require a ridiculously narrow range - perhaps calling with entire range would be best?

    Whilst deciding what to do, I noticed UTG+3 counting up a stack of chips roughly 2.5x the open.

    I fold.

    Is this just too tight? What would your ranges look like in this situation?

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    should play looser live, right ? slightly ? Live tales give you a leg up.

    think folding is out of question. 3bet or flatting ... depends on what suits your post flop game , right ?

    I mean do all the " all time greats " have similar ranges in a spot like this ? If not, maybe their post flop games affect their preflop play...

    It's a problem you have never seen his/ her post flop game .. I would lean towards 3betting in an attempt to isolate


    • CrazyEddie
      CrazyEddie commented
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      if everyone thinks UTG is strong and you 3bet him ... isn't that going to work out even better ?

      If you call, pot could be multiway ... then what ? fit or fold ?

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    Usually when I see people stacking a lot of chips I expect them to be trying to inhibit a 3-bet so they can call with a speculative hand. Unless this guy is particularly straightforward or oblivious he's trying to manipulate you.

    If you really do have a live read though that you're not going to get your implied odds then there's certainly nothing wrong with trusting your gut. That's just good poker. I'm just not positive your gut is correct here. Even without that though, with active players behind it's reasonable to think you might be squeezed, but I don't think the possibility of that alone is enough to get you to fold such a good hand without the live read.

    Without other information, just call. The oversized bet makes me think with 90% probability he has AKo, JJ or TT. In other words, your implied odds to set mine are there.


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      Agree w/ reeeper... yes, you're behind, but w/ 70BB, you have plenty of space to set mine and at this point in the tournament, if villain has a big hand or hits one when you hit a set, you are easily getting the more than 10:1 implied odds you need.

      3 betting against someone who has been quiet for 2 hours isn't necessary... if the board comes very wet or very low, it may even be worth calling once and seeing if he follows up on the turn or not.


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        Call to set mine

        if you Flop overpair call one Time to an up to potsize bet, if he Barrels turn just give it up unless you turn a set+ or 8outer sd.

        you could also call 2 small bets on flop and turn if turn no overcard.

        you just cannot fold 99 pre, if you happen to set the Flop you have a real oppurtunity to stack villian and you get the right odds to set mine


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          Thank you for the feedback everyone. If this situation arises again I will strongly lean towards a call, the merits of 3-betting are certainly worth considering though.

          For what it's worth, UTG+3 did not 3bet - I suspect Reeeeeeper was spot on with his assessment of of them 'trying to inhibit a 3-bet'. Although the hand didn't go to showdown it still ended up being rather large and I almost certainly would've taken it down with the effin' 9 that came straight down...

          Live and learn.


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            Just think of it in the reverse as well. If he really has AA/KK is he going to try to let you know about that before you bet? No he is going to sit there stone still hoping you make it 12 BBs so he can shove.


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              I agree with others on this post. Calling is the best option. You observed he is tight and likely has an very tight range that has you either crushed or at most you have 55-60% equity, if he has AK/AQ..
              if the flop has a lot of high cards and your opponent is aggressive, then its an easy fold.
              The implied odds here make a fold a mistake. And IMO, 3-betting s also a mistake given his range advantage.