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Please comment on how you would play QQ in this MTT spot....

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  • Please comment on how you would play QQ in this MTT spot....

    I had this spot in a WSOP MTT satellite. We are early in the tournament which was $1200 buy in with 1 in 12 getting a $12k package for the WSOP main event.

    Game: NLH Game Type: Tournament
    Level: 4 Min Remaining: 5.00
    Players Dealt In: 8
    Small Blind: 200 Big Blind: 300
    Villain #1 (V1) |XX| |XX| Position: UTG+1 Type of Player: LAG Stack: $30,000
    HERO |Qh| |Qd| Position: CO Stack: $21,000
    Villain #2 (V2) |XX| |XX| Position: BTN Type of Player: TAG Stack: $34,000
    Villain #1 (V1) - RAISE 1,000
    HERO - RAISE 3,000
    Villain #2 (V2) - CALL 3,000

    Blinds Folded
    villain#1 - CALL 2,000
    FLOP |Ad| |Kd| |7d|
    villain#1 - CHECK

    So 3 of us see the flop with all diamonds. I have the Qd making my hand a marginal pair with the nut flush draw. I was the preflop aggressor 3-betting and have 18k left with 9.8k in the pot. What do I do after the UTG+1 checks to me??? I am more concerned with the button cold call of my 3 bet. He's TAG but he's only calling 10 BB's and less than 10% of his stack. I am sure at least one of them has an A or K (or both) but I do have flush outs and Queen outs.

    Open shove?? That way I get to realize my full equity and have more fold equity
    check shove to a bet?? If the button bets anything close to 1/2 pot I really don't have much fold equity so I don't think that's as good an option as open shove
    Bet flop small and jam the turn if called?? Once I bet anything I am not looking to give up I don't think even if I miss the turn.....or is giving up a better option since we are so early in the tourney?? If I bet small and button shoves I guess its a simple math problem.
    Bet flop large?? This seems the same as shoving since I am going all the way with the hand
    Check fold?? Maybe its the right play considering I only have a marginal pair

    What am I missing?
    Any advice/input will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    V2 cold-calling your big 3-bet is likely JJ-99 or possibly AQ, AJs or KQs.

    V1 could have a much wider range, including a bunch of AX.

    ​​​​​You have a marginal pair like you said, but likely not good. There's a chance you can still get to showdown though since you have the nut blocker. If you check and V2 bets, V1 isn't likely to jam, so whether he calls or folds you can just call. Then when it's checked to the leader on the turn he has to be wary about someone trapping with the goods and may check behind. So you get to see all five cards in a decent number of scenarios.

    Also, like you said, jamming guarantees you get to see the whole board, but unfortunately it looks like exactly what you have, a flush draw. The fact that you also have QQ in that instance doesn't really matter since someone just has to decide whether they can call with AX or not. There's a good chance you will get a better hand to fold, like KX or a weak AX with no diamond though, so it's a decent play.

    It's a tough spot for sure. It's interesting that the line I like the most is the only one you didn't mention, check call (a less than pot sized bet).


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      You need to Check call to reasonable bet

      You need to Check fold To roughly 75%+potsize bet

      you have to play flush draws that have also Showdown value like a marginal Made Hand

      your Options mentioned make no sense

      Open shove very Bad because any Ace or King might call you and it is very likely at least one villian has an ace , you are behind then , no reason to turn your marginal Hand into a bluff

      Check shove very Bad for the same reason

      bet Flop small (is a Bet for Information that is never good , but with the Nfd Not unreasonable Betting small , but if you get raised you will probably have to fold depending on raise size and you would Risk the pot is getting very big for no good reason, check call controls potsize which is way better here

      Bet small flop and Jam turn ? Why jam any turn ? Think about how would you play your whole range ? You Need to Consider how different turn cards connect to either players ranges , and you should certainly not jam any turn. also why would you scare villians out by jamming when you hit flush?

      bet Flop large very Bad for the above mentioned reasons
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        I like a check on the flop too.

        Pre flop I like a slightly bigger raise as well, somewhere around 3700 hoping to ISO V 1.


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          You have a marginal hand. Checking is the only option here. And since you are drawing to the nuts, check/fold is not really an option yet.

          But the moral here is that you don't turn your hand into a bluff until it is obvious that your hand no longer has showdown value. While your hand still has marginal value, don't overplay the actual value hoping for potential value. If the draw misses, you have no potential value left and have vastly overplayed your actual value.


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            Thanks for the replies. Now I do see that check call to a reasonable bet makes the most sense. When I was writing the original post I obviously knew how the hand played out.....I would have never been able to see the full runout by check calling but I would also still have chips....

            i shoved....V2 had help for me on the runout. If I had check called he would have had to bet the brick turn to protect against the 4th diamond & I could have folded still with 30-40 BB’s.


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              You're almost certainly behind on the flop... but I'd advocate betting on flop ( from middle position ) .... if pot becomes HU on the turn ... probably bet again on many non flush turns...

              I would not be thrilled to pot commit myself at any point though. Flop raise would be particularly annoying.

              If you fire 2 streets and come up empty on river... those monotone flops ... tricky ...


              This is a cash game hand I recently witnessed: Player 1, has As Kc Player 2 has 2h 5h

              Player 2 made 3 barrel bluff on: Jc Qc 9c Ac 9s

              Player 1 called down and doubled up. Almost $1000 pot.

              --- Is that "Ac " turn good or bad for barreling ??
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