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Can he be a winning player ?

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  • Can he be a winning player ?

    Running the live circuit in vacation at the Moment I Met a guy at Final table who cashed 4 from 5 tournaments I saw (2 times place 3)

    those Tournaments had a buyin of 90-335 Dollar

    I hang with him a Bit in my spare time

    he (55 years old) claims he has never studied poker

    he claims he makes at his local Casino average 500 Euro each day playing Cash

    he was chipleader at my Final table and he was right of me next seat

    he Open shoved in sb 66 with 58 BB

    I had 45 BB and got dealt aces and doubled up

    This made me think he must be a fish

    later he Told me he is a winning player Because he looks at the People and if he feels they would hate an allin he just goes allin.

    What do you think about it ? Have you heard those Stories also?

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    ask the worst players you know why they play .... chances are they will say " to make $$$ "


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      he may be good in someway , you have AA , his 66 shove into AA , there is nothing to prove that he is wrong , will your 77 call his shove ? will you 78s call his shove , if you say that there is staton that will call his shove with 77 or 78s then you can prove that he is a fish because he fail to realise there is station in the table.

      there are alot of different way to hustle money in poker , some player study game theory some play play pure exploit how they adjust to their exploit also diffferent someonly find timid table and keep bluffing , some look for station table and keep value , some player that are good know how to adjust to table and not useing one way to win money . so you know not much about him to say he is or he is not winning player

      btw winning player and good player are different , a winning player just need to find player weaker then him and keep playing , a word top ten player sit with the top 9 player and play for long time i dont think he will be winning.
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