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Feeling like a deep stack fish

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  • Feeling like a deep stack fish

    At the Beginnings of especially Live mtt everybody is deepstacked ,

    some players play like every Hand and have a Bit Chip stack after 60-90 min

    deep stacked 100 bb+ I am very cautiously , I am folding even first in lojack ATO

    I am trying to play small pairs ,suited Connectors ,basically Hands with huge implied odds

    also I am trying to be only in "good Situations" not in awkward Situations

    often I am then down To 15 BB after 2 hours if I dont find myself in enough good situations

    and then it depends on the runouts Whether I have a deep run or Whether I bust quite early

    I feel for some reason way More comfortable with 15-45 BB than with say 75 BB +

    is my cautios deep stack Strategy Bad?

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    Not bad. but..a little too cautious... the general idea of not losing a tournament early and some observations about those playing lots of hands are correct, but what I think you’re missing is that they are playing a lot of hands but are only continuing when they have something, so continuations work well and Turn bets too. An observant friend noted that in Seniors event, you’re likely to get 4-5 players to a flop, but they’ll all fold to continuation if they don’t hit it... and ride their top pair to the end...

    also, when there is a desire to be cautious across the entire table, it’s a good time to look for opportunities to steal and chip up a bit when no one seems to have interest... e.g. when five people call flop and you’ve called in late position (you’re, of course, not limping in early position) and are 4th to act and it’s checked to you

    add in a little chipping up to the general approach and you can avoid the automatic decline in stack that comes w splashing around early and not hitting (which odds say you won’t do)...I think a an early goal shouldn’t just be hitting a Big One, it should be to see how long you can remain 70+ BB


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      If you are signed up to then the Pre-flop charts should help you a lot in these situations as they are for deepstack play ~100bbs but can be used down to ~50bbs. They will give a good deepstack pre-flop strategy and therefore more confidence in what you are doing in each situation.


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        It is not about rfi charts , I think I Know when to first Open from which Position stack wise and range Wise

        it is More about there seems to almost always be a raiser before me and for instance with Hands like offsuited Broadways, acerag offsuited , i dont want to call the raise but also not to 3 bet on the live tables Because People call off too widely Too often


        • Turbulence
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          The games are looser but they are also more aggressive on the whole - although maybe not so much in the lower buy-ins

        • Paul Khoo
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          when you guys play in the china with the chinese , you will see who is calling wider, overall i dont think most chinese play very aggro pre , but they are not going to fold when one call second will call light third will call lighter and end up all the chinese will start calling and play bingo, and their stupid MTT structure also very different from most game , they have alot unlimited buy in for crazy long time , the chinese MTT structure encourage gambler to join in and to gamble.

        • Turbulence
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          @paul Khoo
          recently started playing on GGPoker / Natural8 - a lot of chinese players on there and boy do they like to gamble!

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        Ah, interesting discussion... was just talking last night at a cash came how different the games can be just in Atlanta, based on cultural differences ... and Vegas is fun because of those variations...

        played 2/3 game there w several very aggressive players who just didn’t mind getting it in light... and nothing to do but be patient and/or embrace the variance...