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WPA Final table, should Maria Ho have raised river for value ?

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  • WPA Final table, should Maria Ho have raised river for value ?

    Final table of WPA

    Shouldn't Maria Ho have raised that river ??? Takes a special breed to bluff reraise that river as CL v. 2nd biggest stack, no ?

    Didn't someone say to the female players " if you're half as good as me, you gonna do better ... because people give u more credit "

    Seeing how aggressive Vanessa selbst is, comparing to rest of the pack ( female ... likes of russo )

    Think it is hard for female players to go very far ...

    Should she have checked behind that turn ?? and what that says about her range ?

    I just think that everything else being equal , the aggressor will have an edge ... seeing how many of the females play.
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    She loses to flushes and Ak , only calling is certainly reasonable,

    I would in marias shoes have overbet turn (villians range is clearly capped) and

    either bet potsize river as a merged bet to get called by lower straights, 2 pair(Sets are unlikely)

    or bet like 35%-50% to get calls also from 1pair Hands
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      If you've ever seen her play before you'd know she would never raise there. Her style is very solid. She's also one of the highest grossing female players. She climbed up ripping apart guys in LA cash games. I'm not going to compare her to other players. Selbst is almost certainly the best female tournament player, but I'm sure Maria could crush her in cash games. Not sure why you bring up Vanessa, she was a strong tournament player but hasn't done anything in years and from what I recall had an even more conservative playing style than Maria.

      Also saying it's hard for any of these three multi-million dollar winners to go far is a bit ridiculous.


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        yea but in those tournaments, all contenders were multi-million dollar winners ... That's like not saying anything.... I'd never be in that tournament.

        I seem to recall this heads up match between Ho and Haxton ... where she played " face up " ( especially on river ) and got exploited BAD

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      • reeeeeeper
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        I think I know the one you're talking about, he was able to make a big laydown that he never should have been able to. Something like boat over boat.