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Check back or bet small ?

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  • Check back or bet small ?

    Hero in BB 22 BB
    villian in sb with 20 BB

    Nowwhere near the money

    Quite tight Sb limps
    Hero raises 3x with JQo
    sb calls

    Flop T 4 6 Rainbow

    Sb Checks

    do you bet small staying in rhythm with the preflop Action

    or do you Check back with bdsd , 2 overs to realize equity and Because you would hate a Check raise of villian?

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    With this particular hand I don't think we want to be raising pre-flop from this stack depth. I'd keep this in my check back back range and just take a flop and keep the pot small to start with.


    • Guido
      Guido commented
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      Ok thx but as played would you cbet here?

    • Turbulence
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      I probably would with such a dry board and there are a lot of good turn cards to barrel i.e 9-A but i would consider checking back and delay cbetting any of the mentioned cards but I think keeping control of the action might be better.