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  • Difficult decision

    Last Time Life i had a difficult decision , I did Not make Notes, but from the Memory:

    I was cutoff and I had 600.000 chips , BB villian had 180.000 chips (say button and sb had both 480k chips)

    Blinds 10k /20k, 20k BB ante

    i raise with kqo to 45000

    BB villian called and shoved Flop 8 3 2

    what are you doing here ?
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    Folding... if he had shoved preflop, it’s an insta-call, but here, I think it’s an easy, whining fold...

    If he’s a good player, he’s shoving any A w 9bb, and should be shoving any pair... so you might still be ahead of his range.. But I’d say that his stop-and-go shove has paid off on this flop, and you have enough chips to let this go for a better/clearer spot
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      More than 20 BB


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