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  • What is your play ?

    You had nowhere near the Money 15 BB but then you are on the BB and have to pay 1 BB and 1 BB ante ,so you are left with 13 BB

    an unknown from 10 handed table 2.5x raises from utg+2 starting with 12 BB

    you have AhTh

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    That's uncomfortable. Your hoping for a fold round so you can rip it in or a loose big stack to open so you can shove on them. He's going to have a decent range and probably not folding to your shove, but I think I'd go with it here. Be worth working out the numbers in terms of equity against his perceived range and pot odds.


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      I lost to AJo and had only A few Chips left and busted next Hand

      in Game I was thinking about calling but then I thought oop it is hard to realize equity

      if I dont hit Flop at all and villian probably keeps barreling I will fold too often

      if I hit villian might Not pay me off

      so Jamming produces less mistakes

      But it was really Tough because I didnt have A9o in his range


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        Like I said, he probably doesn't have a raise fold range for that stack but that doesn't mean he is nutted. It could be a range as wide as below:-
        Equity Win Tie
        UTG+2 52.66% 48.57% 4.08% { 99+, A8s+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, ATo+, KJo+, QJo }
        BB 47.34% 43.26% 4.08% { ATs }

        As you can see, you are not far off flipping in this spot. His range might be a little tighter but not much.

        I think what you need to ask yourself is "if he had shoved all-in preflop, would you have called it off?" I think the answer is YES.

        I think you are getting a bit to focused on the outcome of actual hands. You need to focus more on did you make a +EV play, which I think you did (all be it marginal).

        With all that said, I just realised this is a 10 handed table which might tighten up his range somewhat.