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Sad Story in the Poker Community

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  • Sad Story in the Poker Community

    I just played at the table next to this guy last month. I had no idea how sick he is.

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    Hope to meet him when I come out. He has one helluva lot of guts.


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      Joe Ingram is talking about him on Twitter and is going to get him in the main event this year.


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        I just saw that. Super cool!
        Further down that thread I saw he had a GoFundMe page set up about 7 months. I hate to be skeptical but I find it hard to believe a young guy in his situation from the NYC Metro area was only able to raise a few hundred bucks. I have a feeling Joey along with his friends in the Poker community will be digging into their own pockets.

        Point of reference on the GFM. I know a guy the same age (36) that died last week from my area, born, raised and stayed in Philly. His wife raised over $185k in the 3 days.
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      From Kevin Racks: Just want to give a big thank you beyond words to @GregMerson for agreeing to put me in the Main Event and helping to raise even more awareness for Sarcoma cancer. He wanted no PR for this at all but I think it’s a plus for awareness. #wsop2019 #wsop #sarcomawareness


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        Kevin joins Joey Ingram on this podcast.