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Why do live players play so many Hands?

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  • Why do live players play so many Hands?

    Do they get bored when they are card dead ? It is Stränge...

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    Yes, boredom. Less hands per hour, can only single-table. If they focused on watching all the action they might not get as bored, but I'm fine with most of them being somewhat oblivious when they're not in a hand.


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      A lot of live 'players' in the lower stakes anyway are more 'gamblers' and level 1 thinkers - they want and need to see flops. Then there's the spiteful crowd who actively enjoy sucking out on the 'good' players. Then there's the ones that cant stand it if they folded and would have had the winner, even if it was a garbage hand like 73o lol drives them nuts so they limp everything just in case.


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        And there are people with a lot of money. I guess they lost a lot at higher levels and came back down. They don't mind 4-5 bullets in the $1K+ events and $500 or lower is unlimited bullets.

        I have heard MULTIPLE MULTIPLE times, "I didn't come all the way to Vegas to fold." I gues that is there justification for having a range of: anything suited, triple gappers, and anything card that is J or

        Yesterday LAg 3-bets a tight player with 4-8. Other guy goes all in. He starts to muck and reallizes he is pot-commited and calls and cracks aces. Guys watching that is like crack cocaine for playing any


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          Generally speaking they are often just weaker players than their online counterparts. A lot of the older guys I play with live probably haven't changed the way they play in 30+ years.


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            I think a lot of players dont come to play for the main reason but to Talk and to feel better about themself


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              I like how tony G does it. He plays a lot of hands and talk even more...


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                It's a good summary here... and a reminder of something JL said in one of his analyses of Over-aggressiveness... there are MANY reasons people play poker...and winning money In The Long Run, is NOT the most important or main one.

                Personally, I think that entertainment is probably #1 -- which leads to:
                -- trying to hit big hands w/ unlikely cards,
                -- playing more hands rather than less
                -- trying to piss people who are likely to tilt off (I used to be, years ago, one of the titlees)
                -- Trying to get even
                -- they're gambling w/ money they are ready to lose so are even looser

                Plus there is a rational, psychological component... Winning a bunch of money at one time is economically worth MORE to someone than saving the same amount over time. The pleasure of winning adds value... plus the effort of saving reduces value. This is also one of reasons why lottery is actually a perfectly logical, rational choice (to play a little bit of money)... the Chance at many millions is worth much more than the $1-$5 per day or week.

                So thinking that people will be playing optimally, is simply wrong... and getting upset when they don't is wrong.

                My favorite / most common statement at a table is, "You want them to make that call... you just don't want them to catch against YOU".


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                  Do you mean like Mike Mizrachi? I love watching him play.


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                    Plain and simple: because they don't know any better.

                    They usually have serious misconceptions about equity and hand strength. They see 2 face cards as a strong hand no matter what their position or previous action. They overvalue suited hands. They overvalue connected hands. They overvalue Ace anything.

                    You will see these players in the pot with 86o, A2o, KJo, Q5s and other hands that just shouldn't have any business playing in their spot, but only because they are deceived into thinking it is stronger than it actually is for the situation.

                    Also take into account that many recreational players learned by watching TV poker, where you will see professionals playing these hands under certain conditions, but the recreational player is not alert enough to recognize the conditions, they only see that "big name pro" played Q5s, so I should too.


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                      Actually it annoys me a lot when some People Talk shit all the Time


                      • CrazyEddie
                        CrazyEddie commented
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                        so what u do if you run into ' 9 high like a boss ' ?

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                      When I started playing poker I was Not a Losing player Because I played tight and cautiously and I had a lot of natural Respect for better skilled players ,

                      thats why it is hard for me to unterstand that so really really Bad players are that brave beeing a loose canon


                      • jjpregler
                        jjpregler commented
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                        But in their mind, they are not being brave. You are basing it on a common assumption that is a misconception among "studied" poker players. That assumption is that recreational players think the same way you were taught to think. That is untrue. Recreational players have not studied. They do not understand the difference when KJo is playable and when it is an easy fold. To them they just see 2 face cards. "I have 2 big cards, I call." End of story.

                        You have learned a thought process. They have not. You have learned about relative strength, they have not. Do not assume they are being brave. Calling them brave is an assumption that they actually know better, but are calling anyway. They are not brave, just unlearned.

                        With most of these loose passive recreational players there is one theme that is consistent with many of them: if they perceive they have some chance to win this pot, they are not folding. With each one that "some chance" is a relative term. But the concept still holds true. Some think that some chance is calling down with AX as a draw in case the A hits. Some will call down with a gutshot in case their card hits. Some will only call down with 8+ outs.

                        The same can be said of their preflop holdings. If they perceive there is any way that their hand may have a chance to win, they will play the hand. I've seen weak players call an all in, and all in 3 bet with 54s and the statement: "My hand should be live."

                      • BruceO
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                        Yes,,, and combine that with Different Goals and you have quite rational and quite different play being possible!