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  • Best seat

    At a Live poker table ? I MEAN where do you have the best overview?

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    3 and the mirror on the other end, i.e. 7 if 9-handed. 2 & 8 are also decent.

    I used to dislike 1 & 9, but now I kind of like 9 because the person on your direct left can't see you, so you get extra defense in spots where you need to play defensively anyway.


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      Technically speaking, in poker you win money from people on your right and are more likely to lose it to those on your left. So you want to be able to see those on your right and not be seen by those on your left... so Seat 10 has been called the BEST seat... and Seat 1 the worst.

      But personally, I think that being "able to see everyone/everything" has additional value, so not sure it's as simple as that.


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        Interesting I would have not thought this way before