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Quiz number 6

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  • Quiz number 6

    I have a question about the quiz number 6. So let's say the hand plays out exactly as it did until the river.

    The River comes and it's the 7s completing the flush and the upper end of the strait now not giving you the nuts. you still have the strait the lag player shoves river putting you all in.

    So do you call this off?

    What range do you put him on?
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    That's a good question! I have no good answer, it's very complicated. Tough spot.


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      Hy, i try:

      I think that is the range bigblind would call with.
      For sure AA, KK, QQ, JJ would be a bet for most of the players, and some also 3 bet bluff, but we do not know anything about him so i would just cancel
      the obvious strong pairs:

      Flop 6s,5s,4d

      On that flop i think that would be his range:

      Turn Jh:

      He checks, that could be with his whole range, so:

      River 7s:

      We have to asume that he will go through with all his draws, so that is his range at the end


      We have to call because against that range our straight is best 66%

      What do you think?



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        On the flop they cant have As5s Ks5s.
        I'm not sure we should put A6 K6 76 in the premium range or 22 K2 A2 in the draw bet range I think 33 is even dicey.


        • Xandl
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          hy kk,
          yea you are right we have to cancel these, so he even has lesser flushes as before.

          at the end i think you do not know exactly what he is doing, but i think for our desicion it changes only slightly am i right?
          even tho when i cancel all the middle pairs and weak pairs hand is best 58%