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    Blinds 600/1200/200

    CO goes all in for 11.5BB
    SB AQo 66BB Whats your move and why?
    BB yet to act with an almost identical stack 65.5BB

    This is actually one of JL's hand reviews. Although I would play this similarly to the way JL does he gives us a default strategy
    that removes any middle ground for bet sizing which seems perfect to me.

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    I usually min-raise here for a variety of reasons. Isolation, don't give BB good odds on the call, looks strong, creates side-pot to play for if BB does decide to call.


    • kkep
      kkep commented
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      Since you are playing today I wont wait. I would typically flat for that much and raise smaller all ins but I never had a fine line outlined in my head. When I would raise it was always a bit more than the min as well. 6BB or less min raise over 6BB call.

    • reeeeeeper
      reeeeeeper commented
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      Thanks for the prompt link, I'll reduce the BB size I'll min-raise over.

    • BruceO
      BruceO commented
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      I hope I get chance today to get to 50+ bb and have such choices! Good luck!