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20 Left Bovada Monster Stack 150

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  • 20 Left Bovada Monster Stack 150

    I opted to play the AdJh in position rather than 3 bet and get shoved on and to call pre if the 11x stack shipped and the raiser folded.

    Blinds 4-8k 800

    I have about 23 BBs C/O has 26bbs and the BB has about 11 BBs pre I haven't been on the table long and don't have much info on the players

    We are ITM, 20 left in the tournament, playing 7 handed

    C/O makes it 16k, I flat, SB folds and BB flats so pot is 57600

    FLOP is Ac 4d 5d

    BB checks C/O checks

    I lead for 38,800 trying to take down the pot and will call a BB shove

    BB shoves and the C/O who covers me shoves all in over the top

    I figure the BB for a flush draw and I figure the C/O does too AQ and AK would seem most likely, but again a 2x raise makes me think perhaps not?

    I take AA and bluffs out of the C/O range also I think 44 and 55 to be unlikely, being that I put the BB on a flush draw and I have the Ad I think the C/O probably does not have a flush draw either.

    Is my reasoning up to this point ok?

    If I call and I'm right I'm in the top 3, if I fold I'm left with 15 bbs.


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    think you should have 3bet pre ... on that flop, should fold