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Impressions from my recent Live deep run

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  • Impressions from my recent Live deep run

    1. If you happen to be the chipleader , keep putting Opponents under pressure , I felt 2 times from 1 to 3 due to Too nitty bigstack play

    2. As a big stack money bubble or Final table icm it is very important to Test other big stacks villians for their whole stack in the right spots

    3. Never give up , I was down to 7 BB before ITM bubble but played my short stack not desperately

    4. You cannot eat at the table ,even if you sit at the Final table and you are Starving that badly nobody cares , especially the staff members. Cacao is a substitute

    5. Order your meals before every break, eat something every break even if you are not hungry.

    6. Final tables last forever, stay Patient, pick intelligent spots until 4-5 players are out

    7. Demand extra Money if People desperately ask you to make a deal and dont expect everybody to unterstand difference between Chip Chop and ICM

    8. If you need to Go to toilet in Game do it when you folded UTG

    9. dont forget the air condition can be very cold

    10. I saw pros? Reetry when reentry meant 20 BB "Starting stack" ,one of them reached Final table anyway

    11. Most of the most aggressive players at the Beginning nitted really up later Beginning from middle stage of the Tournament

    12. If you habe on your left a linear 3 bet TAG and left from him 2 weak players you can use a splitted minraise strategy from 12 to 20 BB
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    Also I saw a lot of loose calls to allins with offsuited Broadways (not from late position/blinds) , say shortstack pushes 14 BB, a lot of middle stacks called very easily with ToKo JoTo , QoTo when they were lojack, hijack, a clear mistake

    they most often loosed to aceRag


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      I don't know why people think tight is right ... I've seen lex veldhuis open shove 95o from button ... effective stack at least 30BB or 50BB ... he had a big stack of course. ( and yes, he got called and made 2 pairs and busted the big blind )

      What people don't talk about ... is how to win. You go on streaks ... you can get it in best and never win ... what they call downswing...
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      In certain sports, coaches call tactical time out(s) for that reason ... disrupting something

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    > 8. If you need to Go to toilet in Game do it when you folded UTG

    I think it's better to do this UTG+1 so that you have a chance to get back in time to defend your blind. You're most likely going to fold your UTG hand anyway.

    Pretty solid advice though. You have to be careful with 1 & 2 though, the last thing you want to do is go from chiplead to short stack. However, going from chiplead to 3rd isn't so bad.