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Folding Top pair expecting big river bet ?

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  • Folding Top pair expecting big river bet ?

    Imagine you were on a Final table with 89 BB, (3rd biggest stack) your position sb, your Hand Td9s Co 31 BB limps, Hero limps , BB 124 BB Checks

    Flop T c 4 c 4 h

    Checks through in Flop

    turn Jc

    hyper lag bets 75% potsize

    what are you Doing?

    folding Because the BB chipleader will bet big river for sure (he did it always) and your Hand is actually perhaps not strong enough to call 2 big bets and a lot of river cards are Bad for you


    calling keep his range Wide to bluff catch

    8 players left

    124 BB
    105 BB
    67 BB
    71 BB
    55 BB
    31 BB
    19 BB
    88 BB
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    Can you clarify the hand history a little?

    Flop T c 4 c 4 h is not rainbow - two clubs.

    You seem to suggest that the flop checked through, and then BB bets - what was the turn card?

    Do you have a habit of limping your entire range in the SB when folded to you or one LP limper?


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      Yeah sorry not Rainbow

      Yeah Flop Checks through

      turn Jc

      no do not have such a habit


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        On a an FT with an aggro chip-leader on my left I'd just avoid this spot altogether by folding pre-flop. Your in a bad position in the SB with a marginal hand. Let the limper tussle with the chipleader and just sit back an chill for a better spot.

        As played I'd probably fold to the turn bet. Your stack is too valuable to spew it off in marginal spots on an FT and you only have 0.5bb extra invested in the pot.
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