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How would you play the Flop 2 ?

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  • How would you play the Flop 2 ?

    12,5 % ante , Lojack 38 BB minraises and you are in the BB , you call with Kh 2d (you dont love but vs a minraise you have to defend every K) , Flop comes Kc Tc 9c

    you Check to the raiser who cbets 70% potsize

    do you

    a) Check call your marginal Made Hand

    b) Check raise Because a lot of cards can hurt you in turn

    c) donk bet to protect and charge draws Because between 30-45 BB you have a better donk bet Spot than a Check raise Spot

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    This might sounds a bit weak but I might just let this one go on the flop. There are not a lot of good turn cards for you, your not beating anything that hes value betting and probably folding to a turn barrel most times.

    C/ calling flop is ok and see what he does on turn. C/r or donk are just not really viable here.

    Pre-flop: K2 fits well into a polarised 3betting strategy from the blinds - you have a K blocker - but a difficult hand to play OOP when just defending - 3betting gives you control of the action and is more profitable for this hand.


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      (you dont love but vs a minraise you have to defend every K) This may be GTO, I think it is wrong, I am folding K2. Unless I have a reason to call that is player dependent. It would have to be a good if not great reason. Tommy Angelo wrote a paper/short book called waiting for straighters. In it he says you are better off folding this type of hand because you are out of position and the possibility of making a straight is low. I then saw a video by Sky Matsuhashi He went through his results on PT4 and his results showed that Tommy's theory had merit. All of this is geared towards cash games. I think it is also relevant to tournaments. I can rationalize calling with K2 suited. K2 off should be an auto fold pre flop unless you have a player dependent reason, he has been beating on you, you have seen him showdown Q2 off etc... Once we get past that, on this flop and his bet of 70%, I am folding, the only thing you beat is a bluff and calling or check raising is going to commit you to calling all the way or making a bet on the river that hopefully he will not call. Why put yourself in that position, goes back to the KISS principle. Toss it in the muck pre-flop and wait for a better spot.