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Got pushed off a big pot.

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  • Got pushed off a big pot.

    MTT. In the money but nowhere near a FT yet.
    Blinds 1000/2000. 300 ante
    Hero in CO with 165.000
    BT 33.000
    SB 37.000
    BB 87.000

    Folds to Hero with 77, I raise to 5000
    BT calls.
    SB goes allin for 37.000.
    BB calls.
    Hero calls.
    BT folds

    Pot 118.700. BB has 50.000 behind. Hero has 128.000 behind.

    Flop: K,3,4 rainbow

    BB jams for 50.000
    Hero folds.

    SB shows A9o
    BB shows 55

    Board runs K,3,4,T,K.

    I have 2 questions here:
    1. Should I have re-jammed preflop?
    2. Should I have called flop jam by BB?

    1. BB "just" called. This made me suspicious. He invited me to come along instead of iso shoving.
    2. At the time his shove looked so strong that it made me fold. Maybe if I took some more time I would call given the price I'm getting.

    Your thoughts on this please.


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    Awkward spot for sure, and odd play by both the BTN and BB. The BTN should be shoving or folding from his stack size not flat calling your open. The SB is going with any decent hand so that shove is fine. The BB play is awful, again he should probably iso shove or fold that particular hand, dont see him folding to a reshove having put 40% of his stack in already. Maybe he was trying to make his hand look stronger like he was trapping with AA or KK.

    In these sort of spots where you are opening from late position, there are couple of shove stacks behind and a mid stack, you should try to think through what might happen before you even raise your hand. I expect you had already decided that you would call off against either short stack, but had you thought about whether or not you wanted to get 77 in against the 43bb in the BB?

    I'd have to look closer at the math but I think in game I'd have said to myself if either shorty shoves or both shorties get it in but the BB folds - I'm calling off. If the BB iso's a shove I would relactantly fold pre-flop. When he flat calls (for 40% of his stack) he has effectively committed himself so I would probably fold as he's very rarely turning up with a worst pair and he has a pair most times he does this AT+ is for sure just ripping it in preflop.

    I think you chose the worst of all options by just calling preflop. Either commit and go all-in or fold - but make that decision before you even raise the hand in the first place.


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      In future posts don't post the results until others have a chance to respond as it can skew answers.

      Also, you will get more informative responses when you can provide any reads/info on villains and the level of competition we are dealing with.

      In the future consider posting the following:

      Tournament setting and buy in amount.

      Example being Live Casino WSOP circuit event. $360 Buy in. Or Local Pub Game $60 MTT.

      Skill of players involved.

      Example being Solid thinking players at my table or full of recreational players here for a good time.

      All of this info is like a piece of a puzzle and any bit helps to construct a more accurate response.

      Without crunching ranges and number with the limited info we have I prefer a fold pre.

      It sounds like you have a massive chip lead over the table and maintaining this lead is very important moving forward as it will allow us to apply pressure in multiple spots. Here your best case scenario is going to be a flip for likely half your stack. I try to avoid marginal spots like this when I have a big chip lead.

      The BB is the concern. As they are the larger stack and flatting here seems strong. Also, if the BTN could be trying to induce a jam from the SB depending on what type of player he is so you also have that to consider. Your sandwiched in a tough spot here. Fold and move on.


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        Fold preflop. If you were heads up against the SB, calling is standard. But now once the BB already calls the all in, you are in pretty bad shape against the 2 ranges and you have no chance of pushing BB off the hand, if that is even a good idea to try if you could.


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          Fold preflop , but as played Hero should call off on flop, villian bets 50k into 128k and with a K+ I would expect him to Trap. Certainly he is not supposed to donk shove on Flop with K+
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            I'm going to go against the grain and say you should have rejammed preflop .... if this was $22 or $44 bounty ... Big(s) might play differently.
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