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Need more CASH GAME quizzes!

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  • Need more CASH GAME quizzes!

    I couldn't help noticing that out of the last 150 quizzes added, 142 were for tournaments and only 8 for cash games. As a cash game player I'd like to see more of a balance - or am I the only one? (This site is called after all, not )

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    Jonathan has recently commented that he is working on finding a cash game coach to beef up the cash game content of


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      Would be great if JL could do a bunch more cash ones himself - I don't think there can be much more to say about tournaments he hasn't already said (I do find his tourney quizzes very useful as a cash game player since they're a great learning tool, but since cash games have their own subtleties us 'mainly cash game' players would obviously benefit more from such quizzes.) I think too this site might tend to alienate cash game players if it sticks with it's current tourney-oriented focus, so there's another consideration to help maximize their customer base.


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        There are some webinars dedicated to cash games. I suspect they include plenty of hand reviews.

        Beating Loose Live Cash Games 2.5 hour video of JL reviewing 5/10 NL cash games.
        1/2 nl cash JL reviews 30 hands
        Ed Miller does one on Information Dominance
        Combating Limpers JL reviews 20 1/2 NL hands
        JL Live no limit cash games, best tips and strategies
        there are 3 Live From the Bike videos
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          The Ed Miller Information Dominance was very good. As was the live cash games 'Live at the Bike' - make more like that please JL, very educational!


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            Strategy Session with Evan Jarvis: Aggression and Poker
            Tuesday, April 30, 2019
            8-9pm ET / 5-6pm PT


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              Will this strategy session be available for viewing afterwards?


              • jjpregler
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                Jonathan usually posts them to his Youtube channel within a few days.

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              Another great reason to include more quizzes and other material on cash games - it's MUCH easier to go pro playing cash than tourneys!
              As Jonathan Little himself points out in 'Should You Go Pro?' :

              "You may have noticed that I did not mention becoming a professional tournament player. This is because, for the most part, it is quite difficult to put in enough time at the table necessary to give you a steady sizable return. Also, small stakes tournaments in most local casinos are not profitable due to poor structures and high rake. For example, if you can play a $200 buy-in + $30 rake tournament at your casino every day that has a relatively fast structure, you may win something like $50 per game. If each tournament takes 4 hours, you will win $5 per hour ($50 per game – $30 rake). Even if your tournament is incredibly soft, you may win at the rate of $20 per hour, which is about as much as a great player will win at $1/$2 cash games. Notice that putting in 4 hours per day playing a tournament with a win rate of $20 per hour will not make you rich anytime soon. Since most casinos don’t have daily $500 buy-in or larger tournaments, I suggest you devote your time to cash games when you are initially considering going pro. Playing tournaments only becomes a reasonable idea when the buy-ins become very large, assuming the fields are still soft, because then, you can expect to have a high hourly rate."



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                I played my $230 buy in 5x this year. It takes about 12-13 hours btw. I played roughly 42 hours over the 5 tournaments -cashed twice for $10,700 - $1150 BI + $227 an hour.

                I’ve won about $24,000 playing low stakes tournaments so far this year.

                If not for some crappy bubble variance/coolers I would have won much more, at the very least $1250 but more likely a few thousand.

                Thanks to this group, the coaching and the work I’ve been putting in I’m getting better little by little so a deep run in a major may soon be within my reach.

                Have you checked out JL’s podcasts? He’s up to episode 255. They are all 6-10 minute hand reviews.

                I skip the cash episodes but i would guess there are about 20 of them.

                I’ve gone over about 150 of them the past two weeks. Great stuff IMO.

                I should finish my thoughts. This isn't an argument for turning pro as a tourney player. I'm semi-retired so I'm happy staying just above or slightly below the water level. What I like better about tournaments first and foremost is that I enjoy playing them much more than I do cash games and second as long as I'm in the game there is a chance to win life changing money over a few short days. Now, life changing money is subjective. The older one is the lower that number is
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                  A lot of the tournament quizzes have you at 100BB stacks, not as deep as you may be in cash games, but deep enough that they are applicable to cash games.


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                    Originally posted by lbhafen View Post
                    A lot of the tournament quizzes have you at 100BB stacks, not as deep as you may be in cash games, but deep enough that they are applicable to cash games.
                    That's true Ibhafen and I have found them very useful as a cash-only player. However the fact that such a tiny percentage are from cash games leads me to believe that JL thinks we should be preferring tourneys over cash. Is that true, or is it just due to the fact that he plays a lot of tourneys so it's more convenient to use them for quizzes? I personally know a few pros making good money from cash games but no tourney pros at all (the cash game pros I know are generally all scathing of using tourneys as a means to make a living btw.)


                    • Bentley
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                      I think he had commented in the past that he plays 50% cash, 50% tourneys. Maybe that changed. I for one cannot play tournies anymore due to life commitments, kids to look after, lack of time etc so I'm 100% cash these days as I can dip in and out.

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                    Well you're hardly alone there Bentley - tourneys are ok if you have 1) lots of spare time 2) lots of spare cash and 3) the mental fortitude to ride out downswings that can last for YEARS. Since very few players possess even ONE of the above three requirements, that to my mind makes cash games by far the superior alternative for all but a tiny handful of players.