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Value of RNG in Poker?

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  • Value of RNG in Poker?

    Does it ever make sense to use a random number generator (RNG) when making decisions in poker?

    For example, say I want to cbet 60% of the time regardless of what comes on the flop. I look at the second hand of my watch and if it's 0-35s I bet, and if it's 36-59s, I check.

    Or is it better to use game flow..
    Example: I cbet the last 3 times vs. this player, this time I will cbet again if I hit and check if I miss.

    Are there certain situations where one might be better than the other?

    I am interested to see everyone's thoughts on this...

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    Yes, There are definitely cases where this is good.

    Many players use the suits or colors of their hole cards as a "random" number.

    As an example, let's say you want to bluff 3-bet with Ax (small) 1/2 of the time. - Then only do it when you have a black A

    Or if you want to do it 1/4 of the time, only do it with the A of spades, or when both A's are black.


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      Originally posted by Albert Hart View Post
      Many players use the suits or colors of their hole cards as a "random" number.
      I used this method when I want a random deviation. For instance, if my deviation is 25% post flop, If the first card flopped is of a certain suit, I will deviate. If it is a 50% deviation, then I use a color.

      If it is a preflop deviation, I will use the suit of the first card dealt as the determinant.

      However, I have not used this method in over a year. I just get a good feel now for when I should just mix things up. It really is just keeping good track of your current image and exploiting your image.

      RNG deviations are just so that you don't become predictable to other players who are watching. By playing as I do, I will track when my patterns have become predictable, then exploit my opponent's adjustments to that pattern. So in a way I want to set up a pattern for my opponent to pick up on, then change once they adjust to it.

      Additionally, there are some circumstances where you would want to ignore your RNG deviations as well.


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        That's interesting!

        I like the method of using suits.. it seems relatively easy to implement and hard for others to detect.


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          Even if someone was able to detect it, I would randomly change the suits for my randomizer.