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$50 bankroll & a dream - What must I do?

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  • $50 bankroll & a dream - What must I do?

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    If you have a Pokercoaching subscription already you should at the very least go through all the quizzes and use the points you earn to get some video training. $50 isn't a lot to work with, so it'd be good to study up first. Or there's some decent YouTube and Twitch stuff you can watch to learn for free.

    If the $50 isn't replaceable easily for you then you need to practice solid bankroll management. That means you should be playing $1--$2 SnGs and/or $1 max ($0.01/$0.02 blinds?) NLHE cash games and/or $0.10/$0.20 to $0.25/$0.50 limit cash games. Until you build up enough that you can move up. I'd avoid MTTs since they can have long dry spells that you might not want to weather, but you can try $1 ones.

    If you can replace the $50 easily you don't have to be so strict, but your risk of ruin will be a lot higher if you play up. Even if you're playing well you still can go bust.

    Anyway, good luck! I built my first bankroll from $100 and got it pretty durn high over the years, so it's possible!

    EDIT: Also, figure out which type of game you like the most and focus on that one. It helps to keep from burning out to mostly play what's the most interesting for you.
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