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  • two hand from local live casino daily

    its 65 dollar buy in 2.5k G daily
    you can expect a lot of local OMC plus some weak-tight reg mixed, the field is around 60 people, we are on 7 lvl blind is 600/1200
    couple hand to discuss. but my main question here is how to adjust to the OMC limping range, their range can be super wide, from K4s-KQs, small pair- JJ, they will limp AQs, AKs, they will play straight forward post flop though. so since they will open limp EP, or limp behind MP with hand as strong as AK or KQs, or 99-JJ, i can't even blindly attack their limp for some hand like QJs, ATs, KJs, these hand usually ahead of limper range, but in these game i am not so sure.

    so i had the following hand
    H AcTc S 45K SB 600/1200
    utg1(OMC) limp, all fold to me sb i raise to 4k, utg1 call
    so preflop its very standard raise against limper, but think back their limping range could be strong and i am out of position, and my raise pre become questionable.

    pot 10K
    Qh Ts 8c
    i Cbet 4k he call with 7.6k behind

    well, on the flop also is very standard c-bet small, against limper's range, he could still have some weaker T or some 89 that can call

    turn 8d
    i check, he bet all in for 7600, i call and lost to KsQs

    so this is exactly the problem that i got some hard time to deal with a very strong limping range, almost some flop favor the pre flop raiser but not the limper but since their limping range so uncapped, its hard to guess which flop hit them and which flop dont, good thing its they are rarely bluffing so you can safely fold some hand on the flop without worry about being bluff.

    so could i play my hand any different

    2rd hand

    this hand i gave too much respect to OMC and mistakenly alter my normal line, in my mind i think he only could have certain hand but reality he could also have some more hand as well.

    H KcTc S 50K BB 600/1200

    UTG(OMC) R 3200 MP(OMC) call, i call

    pot 11000
    Ts 8s 6d

    utg bet 5000, mp all in for 6200, i fold

    utg call show 9s9h, mp show AhKc

    so this hand really show my read of the OMC range is off. it also show that their logic or the line of play doesn't make sense, like the MP should jam with AK being short stack pre, and he choose to jam on the flop with no equity. don't know what he is doing but that's horrible. i expect UTG the preflop raising betting the flop must have JJ+, he will never betting with only high card into two player on this flop, which was true but i forgot he could also have 99, 77, something like that. i could actually call and see what he does on the turn, i think if i call the flop, he will shutting down with hand that can't beat top pair but continues betting JJ+ so i could safely fold, so this is the mistake i made here.

    any suggestion? thx
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    On the first hand the UTG1 limper has about 13BB. They must have a reasonable hand, and your raise is too much. I would either complete the blind, or minraise to 2400.
    On the flop you have a marginal made hand which I would check, but you could make a continuation bet which would now be 2BB or 2400. This would leave the villian 9BB which they would probably check raise shove, and then you could decide whether to call with middle pair, top kicker or not.

    On the second hand you have about 45BB stack, and MP has about 8BB. Not sure what UTG has, which is relevant. I would be worried about MP's hand, why are they putting in 1/3 of their stack and not shoving? In this scenario, folding preflop is the best action. You have a hand that can be easily dominated by one of the two players. Once you call and see the flop, I would never fold to the MP raisers all in. I would either call, to try and get more money from UTG or raise to try and isolate MP.

    However take this with a grain of salt, because I play mostly cash games.


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      The solution is a very simple math problem.

      Hand 1 call 7600 into 25,200 your equity is 25-30% you if you call there is no profit, fold.

      Hand 2 call 6200 into 28400 your equity is about 40% huge profits to be made, easy call



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        This has been something I've struggled with too, blindly attacking limpers who ended up having strong holdings. Once you've figured out that a player is limping strong hands though you can still exploit him, just by not raising as often. Limp along with the middle of your range and take his money when you flop well.

        Hand 1
        I actually think your raise size is fine. Once he calls you though, I'm not sure why you're cbetting middle pair. You said he plays straight forward. Let him play straightforward. Check and if you're ahead he's likely going to check back. Definitely wouldn't call the all-in.

        Hand 2
        As previous poster said, it's hard to give advice without knowing UTG's stack.


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          For future reference try to post 1 hand at a time as it is much easier to read that way.

          Also, try to avoid posting results as it may skew your responses.


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            Don't you think it's better to refrain from going to such public places during a pandemic? There are always so many people in the casinos, and they touch the same chips, cards, levers on the machines and leave their germs there - it's disgusting. If I used to spend time at local casinos before the blockage, now I only play at คาสิโนออนไลน์ because I'm worried about my health. And now I try to keep myself as safe as possible from crowds. But I don't want to give up my hobby either. So the online format is just proper.
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              This OP is from January 2019 and the last comment is asking about online casinos where there is a real person dealing on the other end as opposed to a program