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  • ICMIZER - Bubble Scenario

    I was playing around with ICMIZER testing calling scenarios in a 9 person SNG. WIth 4 players remaining and 3 paid. (50%-30%-20%). I have FG3 setting activated.

    The key here is the CO player, having folded with decreasing amount of BBs.

    In first image, they have 2.5 BBs, after they fold BTN pushes for 57% range, fair enough. Hero can call TT+ only. AKs is a fold.

    Click image for larger version

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    In second image, wIth CO having 2 BBs, BTN pushes 50% (7% less than previous scenario). Rationale I presume is that as CO has fewer chips, BTN is incentivized to push a bit tighter hoping CO will be knocked out soon.

    Hero can profitably call with 1.8%, JJ+ only. AKs is a fold also.

    Click image for larger version

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    WIth CO having only 1 BB, however, BTN is pushing (only) 29% of hands, again I presume under the logic of anticipation of CO blinding off and getting in the money.

    In this case, however Hero can call profitably with TT+, AQs+, AKo.

    I am not sure the logic behind the difference of the last 2 scenarios. You would presume that with CO having just 1 BB, this is the scenario you would be calling the tightest.

    Does anyone see the logic/mathematics behind this discrepancy?

    Click image for larger version

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    I assume it's because CO will be AI next, and the 2nd next hand mostly as well, and hero, even when loosing to BTN, can fold 2 more hands.
    In the 2nd scenario CO could fold both blinds, so loosing to BTN would almost certainly mean doom.

    In case 4 remain I think FGS 4 is required (full orbit). Not sure if this will change the outcome though.


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