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Quiz 1292 $2/$5 Lexi

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  • Quiz 1292 $2/$5 Lexi

    when board pairs turn, she is saying it is good to donk whether or not you have 2. I doubt your opponents will fold wide in blind on blind situations. What will you do on river? What if your opponent makes you put in 2 bets before they fold? What if your opponent always rasies? I feel her quizzes never include the counters. That makes us one trick ponies.
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    This is a particularly weird one, because the 2 pairing isn't great for our range, we don't have a ton of 2X in our range. But in general, when board pairs a middle card where we do have a ton of trips, we're leading often because as she says villain's hands that we can get value from often check behind. The more we lead for value, the more we lead with bluffs. I agree with you blind v blind we won't get a ton of folds on the turn, but when we turn trips we're going to bet river again almost always. So our bluffs are also going to bet river a ton. If we know they always raise we obviously lead only premiums, but we never know they're always going to raise