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Flopped Nuts in Bomb Pot

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  • Flopped Nuts in Bomb Pot

    Another hand I played in the high stakes cash game was a bomb pot. We each anted $50, with $7 from each player taken out for time rake, and went to the flop 7 ways with $301 in the pot. I had $1,520 in stack before posting the ante. The flop came AcKdTd. It was checked around to me on the cutoff, and I looked down at QJo and so had the nuts. I bet $150, and got one caller in EP who had me covered. Everyone else folded. Pot $601.

    Turn As. I thought about the likelihood that Villain boated, then decided it was not likely since he would have led out a bet on the flop with AK or AT. I thought it was likely Villain was on a flush draw and so bet $350, leaving $970 behind planning to jam the river unless a diamond falls or the board double pairs. Villain folded.

    Does anyone have much experience playing bomb pots? Should I have sized bigger on either the flop or turn?