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River Check-Raise Situation

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  • River Check-Raise Situation

    We are playing 6 handed, $1/3NL. Folds to me on the CO. I look at AdAh. I open to $10. Everyone folds, bb calls.

    Pot $20.

    Flop comes As8h4h.

    BB Check, I bet $8, BB call.

    Pot $35. Turn Qc.

    BB Check, I bet $16, call.

    Pot $65. River 10d. BB Check, I bet $40, BB raises to $200.

    I have about $200 in my stack. I jammed it all-in thinking J9 or KJ are pretty unlikely, a lot of the other sets probably take this line, perhaps busted flush draws too even though I have the Ah blocker, maybe 2 pairs also? What's the group think?

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    I would think 2-pair or a set. He does not have J9 or KJ unless he was chasing a flush with Jh9h or KhJh and backdoored a straight instead.


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      Overbet the turn. Even after betting range we have a range advantage on this turn, and we have a nut advantage. We have AA AK AQ QQ that villain does not, plus villain probably XR 88 44 A8 A4 at some frequency so we have more of those combos as well. I would make it 45 on the turn with AK and better for value with some flush draws, JT, KJ as bluffs.

      Assuming you had $200 left after you bet $40, when you rip he has to call 40 into a pot that will be 545, he's never folding his sets and 2pairs, good shove