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Top Pair on Wet Flop vs Maniac OOP in Blinds

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  • Top Pair on Wet Flop vs Maniac OOP in Blinds

    I took a shot tonight at a high stakes game with 3 blinds of $5/$10/$25. I was in the $10 blind with Jh9d and about $1800 in stack with action folded around to me. I completed for $15 more. The player in the $25 blind had been frequently raising and showing absolute trash, so I did not feel I could easily fold to him. He raised to $100. He had me way covered. I called.

    Flop 9h8s5s, giving me top pair. I checked. He bet $300. I check-raised to $750, leaving him room to bluff shove. On a drier flop, I would have just called and let him continue to bluff turn and river, but on this coordinated flop, a 7, 6, or spade on the turn or river would be really scary. He announced “all-in” instantly after I put out my check-raise. I still did not feel I could fold top pair to his hyper-aggressive style, so I called. He showed 8c5c. We agreed to run it twice and he scooped.

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    Playing J9o as a limp call against an agg opponent when we'll be OOP with an 8 SPR doesn't sound good to me.

    Check raising a marginal TP when villain has all the overpairs we don't, 99 and 88 which we probably don't have doesn't sound good to me. Particularly when Villain is agg and there are literally a ton of draws that have good equity against us to continue.

    Calling a 3-bet shove and effectively playing for stacks with TP marginal kicker doesn't sound good to me.

    This line is only reasonable if we have significant evidence over a significant sample size that he is completely balls out manic and is stacking off with every TP and decent draw every time. If you've played 200+ hours and witnessed him consistently play like that, sure. First time taking a shot in a new game, I can't imagine it ever making sense to make such a dramatic deviation from our standard strategy


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      What would have been a better move preflop (fold, limp/fold, limp/3-bet, raise)?

    • Dilly
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      I would probably fold