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Microstakes - 2 Hands im wondering about

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  • Microstakes - 2 Hands im wondering about

    1- Might be a tight fold on the turn, but i really dont see much hands i beat there. I guess it was fine called flop bet since i may have the best hands and some turn can improve. I rarely see people bluffing in big pots at the stakes and even there bluffs (SD/FD) have some good equity, even if im blocking some Straights. Since i dont have BDFD i think giving up saved me money here... not sure.

    2- I guess i could have X/R or X/c Turn to keep him in the pot since i prolly have him beated and he's almost drawing dead. Sad to loose some value by leading turn. I tough since he Raised flop kinda big, he wasn't planning on folding.

    As always, thx for all the great advices you guys are giving

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    In the first hand, you beat KK and QQ. I am not sure how much micro stakes players overplay those marginal made hands with a gutshot draw.

    The second hand, I like your bet and call on the flop. You can fold out some ace highs and low pairs, and you have lots of outs with your flush draw + OESD. On the turn, with just over a pot-sized bet in his stack, just check-shove, and jam the river if he checks back.


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      1- In the first hand, i honestly think it could have been okay to call, but since i rarely see some 3-bets bluffs in population ranges so this flop hit his value range a lot (2 pairs +) and him taking AGGRO line after my flop call scream value to mee, might be wrong tho. Thats why im posting

      2- I guess OOP i should have Check this turn since i'm almost literally never beat. Keeping him in the pot was the most important thing i could do. I wanted to build the pot but i guess i scared him of any made hands or draws. Obv mistake imo.

      As always, thanks for the feedback.

      Any more feedback is appreciated