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BIG fold in a BIG pot - Did i make a mistake?

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  • BIG fold in a BIG pot - Did i make a mistake?

    Hello all,

    I cant stop thinking about this hand... Was this a good fold in the long run or is this too tight?

    Folds to the cutt off who makes a 3x open. (110bb stack)

    Im on the button with QQ and put in the 3 bet (i have 120bb)

    Small blind cold calls (50 big blinds) and the orignial raiser calls. 3 ways to the flop....

    Flop is Q84 (Two diamonds)

    Checks to me and i bet 35% pot.

    Small blind calls and orignal raiser 3 bets big (4x my bet)

    I choose to call to try and keep the small blind in. plan is to get it in on safe turns

    Small blind does call and we go to the turn

    Turn is the J of diamonds ( 9 10 gets there and the flush)

    Small blind who doesnt have much left jams the rest of his stack in.

    Cutt off then rejams all in himself. leaving me with a tough descision with top set.

    I ended up folding thinking the cutt off must have the flush to rejam with me still yet to act.

    Small blind had AJo with the Ace of diamonds, cutt of had a set of 8s. So i folded the winner of what would have been over 250bb pot.

    My main questions are.

    Do i bet bigger on the flop?

    After i get raised on the flop do i just get it in?

    And of course was it a bad fold?

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    I think your sizing on the flop is probably fine and I assume a solver would bet small here. That being said, if they're inelastic with diamonds, QX, and 99-JJ probably just size up for value.

    Calling the flop XR is probably fine, solver probably 3-bets at some frequency, but I think IP we can comfortably get the money in without re-raising.

    Can't fold turn. Assuming the stack sizes given are what each player had going to the flop since that's the only way SB can have chips left on the turn, we're calling 70BB into a pot that will be 300BB, we need ~23% equity to break even, if we give both villain's a range of only straights and flushes, we have almost 23% equity, add in just lower sets and we have 25%, and then as we see there's going to be some XdXx. It's certainly not a great spot, we're going to lose to a flush a ton but can't fold top set


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      How many BB did you 3-bet preflop?


      • scostma
        scostma commented
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        I raised to 8 big blinds as I was in position

      • mriebel
        mriebel commented
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        Then your c-bet was about 9bb, and his XR was 36bb. The pot was 133bb going to the turn, and (assuming those were start-of-hand stack sizes), you had 66bb effective left, The pot will be 271bb if all-in 3 ways, so you near 24.4% equity to call. Against a flush, you have a 22.2% chance to boat up. So just a 3% chance he does not have the flush will make it a profitable call. Need to call it off.