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Flush Draw Defending BB Against Small Raise

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  • Flush Draw Defending BB Against Small Raise

    Later in my 2/5 session, I held Jd8d in the BB facing a $15 raise from a 2/5 reg in the CO. I was bluffing him a lot earlier in the session, and he was calling me and jamming all-in when he seemed scared I was on a draw. I defended for just $10 more with a suited double-gapper. Pot $32. Effective stacks were around $800.

    Flop 7d4h3d. I checked. He c-bet $25. I called. I considered raising my flush draw, but decided not to the way he was adjusting to the moves I made against him earlier in the session. Pot $82.

    Turn 5c, putting 4 to a straight on the board, and me in a position where I would have a higher straight if the board completes the straight. I donk-led $55. I figured he would call me with overpairs and some 7’s, but it would be hard for him to raise me unless he has the 6. He called. Pot $192.

    River Kd, giving me the flush. I overbet the pot with $225, which I thought he would see as an amount that I did not want called. I also expected him to jam some bluffs for about $500 more effective. He called, and mucked after I showed him the flush.