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QQ in SB on K-high Monotone Flop

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  • QQ in SB on K-high Monotone Flop

    In one hand at my 2/5 table, I held QcQd in the SB facing a $20 raise from a solid aggressive reg in EP. I had about $450 in stack, and the initial raiser had me covered. I 3-bet to $70. He called. Pot $145.

    Flop Ks8s5s. I c-bet $55. He looked at his cards, making me think he was looking so see if he had a spade, and then called. I was thinking he had like AsJd. Pot $255.

    Turn 8c, pairing the board. Did not think it was likely he had an 8 the way action went on the preflop and flop, so I bet $140, leaving me with $185 behind. He snap-called. Pot $535.

    River Jc. I checked to him to let him bluff his missed flush draws with offsuit As hands. He bet $125 and said, “I can’t let you get away this cheap.” I saw it as a sign of weakness, and was getting laid better than 5:1 pot odds, so I called. He showed JsJh for a boat.

    Would it have been better to check the turn, or even the flop, or to jam the rest of my stack on the turn?