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Overpair on Turn facing Check-Shove

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  • Overpair on Turn facing Check-Shove

    In one hand today, I held JhJd on the LJ with $1,020 in stack facing an open limp from a fish. I raised to $30. A calling station on the CO called. The SB, who seemed to be playing taggy, 3-bet to $150. The limper folded. I called. The CO folded. We were heads up to the flop with $340 in the pot. He had me covered, so we were $870 effective.

    Flop 7c6s2h. He c-bet for $115. I called. Pot $570 with $755 left in effective stacks.

    Turn 2c. He checked. I considered checking back, then ultimately decided to bet $175 to price out his overcards and perhaps get value from lower cards. He then jammed all in for $580 more effective, giving me about 2.57:1 pot odds. I thought about what a TAG would do this with, then ultimately decided to call. He showed AcKs and missed the river with 9c, enabling me to take the huge pot.

    Would it have been better either to check back the turn for pot control or to fold to his check-shove?

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    So this is where I different from GTO. In all my live experience, which is 98% 2/5NL & 2% 5/10NL, I never had anyone show me the nuts after betting less on the flop than they did betting pre-flop. To me, his flop bet being less than his pre-flop 3-bet is the first sign his hand is not that strong. Then, he check raises you on a board that has straight and flush draw possibilities? If he had a bigger pair he would have bet more on the flop and would have just continued betting on the turn.

    I would bet the turn when checked to and I would have called his turn jam. If he has a set and made a full house, so be it, but I do not think he would have checked the turn going for a check raise on that board with AA,KK or QQ.

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    • NJpokermike36
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      I agree he check/calls with a boat, but he would not be check/raising with an over pair.


    • Dilly
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      My experience hasn't been exactly like Mike's, but I think this is the kind of insight that we need to be looking for in our live games. Adjusting based on that kind of read is definitely a huge way to boost our win rate.

      10 combos of clubs gets us there, if TAG is closer to nitty here maybe I fold, but I think the bet and call are both fine. Only comment would be I'm not thinking to price out any draws or over-cards, I'm happy as pie if he's calling with clubs or over-cards here.

    • mriebel
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      10 combos of clubs?