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4-bet Jamming AQs from SB

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  • 4-bet Jamming AQs from SB

    In one hand in today’s 2/5 cash game, I held AQs in the SB with about $560 in stack. A fish limped in EP, and then a maniac on the HJ raised to $30. A solid TAG on the CO 3-bet to $95. I considered folding, calling, or jamming. I ultimately decided to jam since I would be OOP the rest of the hand if I called. All 3 villains snap-folded.

    On the button where I would be IP the rest of the hand, I would likely flat call planning to call it off if the maniac 4-bet jams and the TAG folds, and fold if the fish does a strange limp-reraise or if the TAG stays in the hand after a 4-bet jam from the maniac.

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    I like this spot a lot. I think just calling AQs OOP, is not that attractive to me. You can’t raise, put half your stack in and fold. I think this is the right play and it is how I would play it.