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4-bet Bluffing Maniac with K2s

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  • 4-bet Bluffing Maniac with K2s

    For the first hour of my 2/5 cash session today, I was nearly card dead and had a tight image. One hand, I picked up Ks2s on the LJ with a maniac in the BB and raised to $25. The maniac in the BB then 3-bet me to $80. I 4-bet bluffed for $220, thinking he might 3-bet and fold if I have a tight image from being card dead. Instead, he 5-bet jammed for $550 effective and I folded.

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    I don’t like 3 & 4 bet bluffing maniacs. That is why they are maniacs. They will play any two cards to the death. Not a very good play. Wait for a better spot.


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      I agree. He was not typically folding if someone 3-bet or 4-bet bluffed him.