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How should I have played these 2 hands?

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  • How should I have played these 2 hands?

    These 2 hands are against the same person and this just happened playing live tonight. Managed to get into 3 coolers with the guy. Only 1 of those coolers benefited me.

    Playing 1/1

    I am on button with king 9 off. Folds round to me. I make it £5. SB calls. BB min raises to £10. I would usually fold in this situation but I feel I am getting great odds to call and I know the small blind is also going to call so I call the extra £5 to win the £30. Flop is checked. Turn gives me a straight on a 3, jack 10, queen, rainbow board. BB bets £10. I raise to £25. BB shoves for £100 altogether. I kinda know he has the ace king but I don't think I can fold incase he is overvaluing a set he checked on flop (he can't put me on ace king as I would likely 4bet). I call and he shows ace king.

    Should I have folded in this situation or is this just a standard cooler that I can't get away from?

    I manage to get the money back after hitting a better full house than he had about an hour later.

    Next hand to be discussed. I have about £300 and he has about the same. He straddles for £2 and folds to me in cutoff and I have pocket 9s. I raise to £7. He calls. Flop comes 7, 8, 9 with 2 hearts. I flop top set. He donk bets for £15. I call. Ace of spades on turn. He bets £50. I consider my options. I have seen this guy do the same with big draws before so I think the best option is to shove as I don't feel folding is an option. I think if I raise I'm pot committed on river anyway (providing there are no scare cards) so I decide to shove. He doesn't immediately call which briefly makes me think I was right about him being on a draw but then puts it all in. Shows 5, 6 of hearts for the bottom end straight and a redraw to a flush if it comes. I don't improve and the river is a brick.

    Should I have just check called all the way here? Should I have folded the turn?

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    Hand 1 - weird spot, going to be dependent on Villain and your game in genera, that min 3-bet is just weird. Like yeah you need like 16% equity to continue, and we're IP, but depending on Villain's range we may have trouble realizing even that, but if Villain is bad probably fine. There is no way you can fold the straight once you get there.

    Hand 2 - I would probably raise flop, we want to get value from worse sets, good draws, and we still have outs against the nuts. When he doesn't have the nuts, there are a ton of action killer turns, probably just want to start raising. As played it's a pretty big shove on the turn, but you're right the SPR makes it kind of goofy to use any other size this is probably're definitely not folding turn.


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      First hand: I am working on not flatting 3-bets with marginal offsuit hands, but likely still would if getting 5:1 pot odds. I am now folding (or 4-betting if Villain is 3-betting wide) ATo, AJo, and KQo OOP against 2.5x 3-bets. I could see Villain having either a set or AK on the flop, and we need about 33% equity to call.

      Second hand: I would raise to $55 or $60 on the flop like Dilly mentioned. I need to charge likely straight and flush draws to which my hand is vulnerable. I would then shove the turn if none of the draws hit.