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  • Is this call OK?

    OK. So the initial call preflop is very bad. I get that. I was running bad, stuck and as I was simmering in my suite at Tilt-a-World hotel, I wanted to gamble. When the button raises, there are two other callers, and I end the action, is it ok to call? I am getting 4.36 to one on my money and the worst I can be is a 4 to 1 dog.

    PokerStars - $0.30 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
    Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

    Hero (CO): $43.25
    BTN: $33.80
    SB: $10.52
    BB: $28.87
    UTG: $43.08
    MP: $28.74

    SB posts SB $0.15, BB posts BB $0.30

    Pre Flop: (pot: $0.45) Hero has 5:heart: 4:heart:

    UTG raises to $1.05, fold, Hero calls $1.05, BTN raises to $4.35, SB calls $4.20, fold, UTG calls $3.30, Hero ????

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    I would call there. Some of your potential draws have great implied odds. You have deep effective stacks against UTG and BTN. If the flop comes A23 to give you the wheel, one of them likely has a big ace that would pay you off big.


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      I think we can only justify calling here with reads that both opponents are very weak. 54s reverse implied odds are bad, we get stacked as the lower straight or flush very often especially multi-way.

      We have to realize ~19% equity, giving generous ranges for opponents I'm getting 20-23% raw equity, it's dicey. If you made the play knowing you were gambling it is what it it is but it's a spot I would sidestep when possible


      • mriebel
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        I actually like 54s better than middle suited connectors (say 87s) against competent opponents (but not likely at micro-stakes) for a couple reasons.

        1) Competent players play wheel suited aces (A2s-A5s) more than middle suited aces (A6s-A9s), and with 54s, and I block some of those hands that could cooler me in a flush-over-flush situation.
        2) One of the straights I could make with 54s is the wheel, and competent players have big aces concentrated in their range, which will pay me off great if the flop comes A23. If I have 87s and the flop comes 654, that flop is a lot less likely to connect with their range enough for them to pay me off.

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      Dilly my read was I was going to win this hand damn!!! LOL. That was my plan when I called.

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      • mriebel
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        What did you actually do to close the action preflop in the ??? Spot?

      • NJpokermike36
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        I called and destroyed the flop. The flop was 236 rainbow. My opponent had AA LOL. Nothing beats dumb luck LOL