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Bluffing TAG on Button from BB

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  • Bluffing TAG on Button from BB

    In the 2/5 cash game I played yesterday, with roughly $700 effective stacks, I was in the BB with Jh8s facing a $15 open from a TAG on the BTN. I called for just $10 more. Pot $32 going to the flop.

    Flop 7s7h3h. I checked to him. He c-bet $15. I check-raised to $40, realizing I have a lot more 7’s in range than he. He called. I thought he would call with overpairs and some heart draws. Pot $112.

    Turn Ac, which brought additional scare to his 88-KK hands. I fired again for $85. He called again. Pot $282.

    River Kh, not only completing his flush draws but boating his AA and KK. Perhaps I could bet $200 or so to represent the flush, but I thought it was too likely he had a flush or boat that he would not fold, so I gave up and checked. He checked back and showed A3o.

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    Defend pre is fine, love the flop XR, would size up though to 60-80, we're pretty deep and our XR range is looking to threaten all in at some point, this is also going to put max pressure on his overpairs. On the turn we're going to keep betting with 7X and 33 for value which is gonna be like 44 combos, I think we have more than enough heart draws, 65 54 that are better candidates, 98 86 also probably better candidates, so if we keep barreling we're over-bluffing but that could definitely be fine here. If he's a live TAG he's going to be in a miserable spot with most his range by the end of this. River AK is not folding, AA KK not folding, heart draws not folding, does he have enough AX QQ-88 to warrant bluffing here, especially when we know we're over-bluffing turn so we have a ton of optiosn on the river.... I think I'm fine giving up here, although the Jh blocker and the 8 blocking 87 is a nice feature


    • mriebel
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      I thought he would fold most of his Ace-x (aside from A7 and the nut flush draws) to my flop check-raise.

    • Dilly
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      Probably, he could be continuing with AX BDFD though, depends how tight TAG is