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KJo on CO against LAG in LJ

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  • KJo on CO against LAG in LJ

    In a 2/5 cash game hand last night, I was on the CO with KJo facing a $25 open from the LJ. He seemed to be playing laggy, although he just sat down 20-30 minutes prior. I normally fold KJo to LJ opens, but since he seemed laggy, I decided to 3-bet to $70. I learned my lesson from your comments in a prior post a couple weeks ago to 3-bet marginal offsuit hands rather than call with them as an adjustment to laggy openers. The button and blinds folded. The LJ called. Pot $147 going to the flop with roughly $800 effective stacks.

    Flop KsQd2c, giving me top pair with a marginal kicker. He checked to me. I checked back, since there were not too many scare cards that could hit on the turn and he seemed to like bluffing after sensing weakness from opponents.

    Turn 2d. Not a great turn because I chop against all his weaker K. He checked again. This time, I bet $60, thinking I could get at least one street of value from his Q’s and middle pocket pairs. He check-raised to $300. Was he loose to the extent where he would have a lot of 2’s in his 3-bet calling range? I was thinking no, although he was not at the table long enough for me to be confident about that. I thought he would have lead out on the turn with KQ, and 4-bet preflop with AK, KK, or QQ. I thought he was likely bluffing, and could have a diamond draw or an OESD with JT. I considered jamming, and would have if OOP, then ultimately just called. Pot $747 with $500 effective behind.

    River Ad, the absolute last card I wanted to see there. Not only did his straight and flush draws get there, but so did any random ace with which he may have been bluffing. I was hoping that he would check to me so that I could just check back for free. I tried manipulating him with words like, “You are not scared that I would call such a huge checkraise with a flush draw and caught the flush there, are you?” Ultimately he jammed anyway, and I folded. This may be the only river card I would fold.