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Nut Flush Draw After Squeezing Preflop

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  • Nut Flush Draw After Squeezing Preflop

    I went back down to 2/5 stakes today, and finished $667 up. The hand where I won my biggest pot went like this: I was on the button with AsJs, facing a $20 open from a LAG on the LJ and a cold call from a nit on the HJ. I had $870 in stack, and they both had me well covered. I debated between flat-calling and squeezing. I had 3-bet the LJ several times earlier in the session. He never folded to my 3-bet but often folded postflop if I continued aggression. The HJ often folded to a raise behind him after limping or cold-calling. I ultimately decided to squeeze for $80. The blinds both folded, and the LJ and HJ both called, so 3 to the flop with a $247 pot.

    Flop Qs8s4c, giving me the nut flush draw. The LJ and HJ both checked to me. I bet $150, leaving me with $640 behind. The LJ called. The HJ folded. Pot $547.

    Turn Kc, giving me a gutshot on top of the nut flush draw. He checked to me. I considered jamming, thinking he might fold the Q’s with which he called the flop if a K is well in my range, but ultimately checked back, wanting to keep in his lower flush draws.

    River 3s, giving me the absolute nuts. He bet $210. I jammed. He debated then ultimately called. After I showed the nut flush, he mucked.

    Would a flat call have been better preflop? Or check back the flop? Or shove the turn?

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    I actually liked the way you played the hand a lot. Pre-flop you are ahead of their range and in position, so I would raise. Betting on the flop makes sense because you were the pre-flop raiser and you have significant equity in the pot with the nut flush draw, backdoor straight draw, and one over.

    The real key point in the hand is the check back on the turn. He could have blown you off your hand with a check/raise if you bet. So Great Play!!!

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    • mriebel
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      If I bet the turn, I would have gone all-in for a little more than the pot. So he can’t raise.

    • NJpokermike36
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      I think checking is the better play, IMO

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    Preflop, I think I would have called with AJs and 3 bet AJo.

    Flop: I haven't seen any solves for multi-way, but I do know that they have a preference to check behind with the nut flush draws and bluffing the lower flush draws in heads up pots on these disconnected boards. The idea is that A high can win at showdown some portion of the time. I don't know if that holds up for 3 way pots. Does A high still win at showdown often enough?