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Check-folding AA with Five to the Flop

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  • Check-folding AA with Five to the Flop

    At today’s 2/5 table where we agreed to straddle $10 every hand, I opened for $40 from the LJ with AsAd. A solid LAG on the HJ, a calling station on the CO, and another solid player on the button all cold-called in position. A straightforward player on the big blind called as well. Pot $212 with five to the flop.

    Flop 8h3d2d. BB checked. I checked too, since I block the nut flush draw, and the board did not likely make a lot of one-pair hands in their ranges from which I could get value. LJ checked. CO bet $200. BTN raised to $450. BB folded. Even though the BTN had a laggy image, I decided to fold since I was blocking some draws (wheel or nut flush) with which he could potentially bluff. The LJ and CO also folded.

    Would it have been better to either c-bet, or maybe call the $450 raise from the button.

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    I would have not checked the flop with 2 diamonds. I don't like turning winning hands into losers by checking and letting them get there for free. Hard to have two pair on that board unless it exactly 23s and we know it's hard to make sets. The button could have decided to smooth call with 9's or 10's and since all the cards are lower than his PP, he raises.

    You don't say how deep you are, but I would raise and if it gets in, it gets in. I don't like calling 100BB and then folding. That does not make sense to me



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      I was about $1200 deep, and the button had me covered or was very close.