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1/2 live, JJ utg+1, utg has straddled

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  • 1/2 live, JJ utg+1, utg has straddled

    Loose player, moving seats a lot, sits next to my right and is utg. He straddles for $4 preflop.

    I look down at JJ and raise to $12. Folded around to him, he makes it $25. Effective stacks $150.

    I shove.


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    If we assumed Villain was competent they would just call off here with JJ+ AK which should be ~54% of their range, and we have ~36% equity against that range so .56*60+.54(.36*303-.64*138)=44 it would be profitable, but possibly not the most profitable.

    If he's 3-betting looser than he should and calling off looser than he should it's probably fine.

    His min raise is bad, so we know he either isn't really a studied player, or he thinks we're really bad. A lot of the time a small raise like this means strength, they aren't afraid of being outdrawn.

    I'm probably just calling here, we call more than raising IP when we get 3-bet, we're 4-betting KK+ AK and probably QQ for value so we need to have strong hands in our calling range, I'd probably call with all my JJ and worse pairs and best suited broadways, 4-bet bluffing sporadically with KJ KQ AT type hands


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      In retrospect I think I should have just called his raise

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    I agree, I would just call JJ here.

    In the Cash game charts there is really no chart for any straddle pot, so the best chart you might be able to refer to would be the EP open and BB3bet. JJ is a call in that situation.


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      I would also just call if he would not call a shove with lower pairs.


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        I agree with just calling. If you shove, he probably is only continuing with hands that have you beat QQ, KK, AA and AK. You lose to three of those hands and flipping against the last..