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AK in the bb in live 2/2 game

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  • AK in the bb in live 2/2 game

    Did I play these streets ok?

    Akoff in bb (100bbs)
    4 Limp to me
    Raise to 12
    Utg2 (100bbs) calls
    Hj (17 bbs)calls
    Flop J32

    Bet 26
    Utg2 calls
    Hj raises all in to 35
    I call
    Utg2 calls

    Turn Q
    Utg2 bets 40
    I fold

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    Maybe size up a little pre.

    I think 3way OOP we want to size up and polarize our range so I would check call flop. As played I don't think we can fold to the 9$ raise.

    Turn fold seems fine


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      Do you mean $12 or 12bb? I would raise to about $16.

      Was the flop rainbow or were any cards the same suit?
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      • Dilly
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        Are you making it 16BB as your standard play here with no reads? 2X a pot size open with no read seems like a pretty significant adjustment to make without reads, unless we assume that on average population in this game 50% of players are legitimate super calling stations

      • mriebel
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        Sorry, I meant $16.

      • Dilly
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        mriebel ahh makes much more sense

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      Floo was rainbow


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        I think you have to check AKo on the flop. It is multi-way, so you should be checking often and betting only good draws and premium hands. In multi-way pot with shared MDF overcards without BDFD or some kind of straight draw is junk. Additionally, there should never be a range c-bet on the flop when it is multi-way.

        I know this might sound weak, but it is sound and will definitely balance out when you do flop a premium hand as it is more likely you can get value.
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          Definitely check the flop. You have nothing but two overs and a backdoor straight draw against multiple opponents. You want to keep the pot small in these spots so you don't get blown off your hand, like what happened on the turn.

          If I check and get a bet and a call on the flop, I am probably folding unless they bet really small.

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