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Squeezing AQs and Whiffing Paired Flop

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  • Squeezing AQs and Whiffing Paired Flop

    In the 2/5 cash game, I held AcQc in the BB with $850 in stack facing a open-raise from an aggro-fish UTG, and cold calls by a calling station on the CO and a solid LAG on the button. The calling station had $600 in stack. The other two had me covered. I squeezed to $120. Would it have been better just to call or squeeze smaller? The initial raiser and calling station called. The LAG folded. Pot $382.

    Flop JcJd7h. I was not sure what the initial raiser would do if I bet, but I thought he may fold a lot of mid to low pocket pairs that are technically ahead of my AQs but at risk of counterfeit. The calling station, on the other hand, would call with his 7’s, against which I have overcards and counterfeit possibilities and backdoor straight and flush draws, and maybe even some lower ace highs. He would raise with his J’s, which would be an easy fold for me. After debating, I bet $160 and they both folded. Would it have been better to check here?