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Raise Turn When Flush Comes In?

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  • Raise Turn When Flush Comes In?

    100NL Global
    Villain relatively active reg, no strong reads

    100BB effective
    B 2.5BB
    We call BB with QJsh

    Flop AhQh3 (5.5BB)
    We Check
    B 3BB
    We call

    Turn Kh (11.5BB)
    We check
    B 4BB
    We call

    River 4d (19.5BB)
    Villain turns over KTcs

    I think we actually need to raise the turn, especially against a small bet. We have a similar amount of suited cards pre-flop, but villain has more of the strong suited broadways, but these are all blocked by the board so we have way more flushes on this board. I think we're raising JXhh and TXhh and we just don't have a lot of bluffs to balance

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    That turn raise definitely puts villain in a tricky spot with his hand. I'd actually be curious to see from his perspective if that's still a call on that turn. I'm probably over folding in that spot.


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      I am trying to figure out what you have Dilly. Do you have QJ of hearts?


      • Dilly
        Dilly commented
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        QsJh....needed 10 characters lol

      • NJpokermike36
        NJpokermike36 commented
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        LOL OK. I would raise the flush draw scare card because he bet so small, with the understanding I am leading the river. If I get raised on the turn, I am folding.


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      Maybe I would flat the turn and check-raise the river.