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1/2 Live -- Set on the worst possible board in a 3way

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  • 1/2 Live -- Set on the worst possible board in a 3way

    This is a 1/2 live game.

    SB: $150 -- a recreational player who has been playing very poorly with a loose agressive style and can be spazzy. Is in the game for piles.
    UTG: $100 -- a late 60's reg. Mostly passive. In about 1/3 of hands. Not completely straightforward, has made a number of plays at medium pots. This hand will be a little larger pot.
    UTG+1: Hero, covers. Playing agressive style. In about 1/4 of hands. As you will see this hand is played passively.

    UTG: Limp
    UTG+1: 7s7c, over limp expecting to see a raise in the field. Most hands were raised $10 - $15 pre-flop.
    folds to SB
    SB: raises to $12.
    UTG: call
    UTG+1: call (mistake #1 or 2, or ok?)

    FLOP: 8s 7h 5s pot ~30 (big rake + jackpot)
    SB:: c-bets $10
    UTG: call
    UTG+1: call. Draws are not folding flops on this table. Wait to evaluate the turn.

    Turn: 6s pot ~60
    SB: continues for $10
    UTG: calls
    UTG+1: calls. Ugly turn, call given the price

    River: 2c pot ~90
    SB: another small $10 bet
    UTG: waits about 15 seconds and tosses out $50, leaving only about $20 behind.

    UTG+1: ???
    Given the table dynamic this doesn't feel like a trivial fold and move on. Are all options open here? UTG probably does not have a strong hand for this board (maybe 2 pair). Doubtful UTG+1 is nutted given the turn action and a few hours of history. The turn call was likely to see if I was strong and going to raise (he didn't seem trappy).


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    1. I would have opened preflop.
    2. I would have made a big raise on the flop. If they are not folding draws, all the more reason to make a big raise on the flop, to build a pot!!!
    3. The 6s on the turn is a horrendous card. Since you chose not to raise preflop or on the flop, you have no idea where you are in the hand. Turn is a call and you hope the board pairs.
    4. The river is a fold. When a passive player bets on a board like this, he has you beat.



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      Im pretty much with everything you said there. For Question #1, were you asking if it was okay to call after limping preflop? If that is your question, then yes. I too would raise preflop as opposed to limping but can limp call with a pocket pair being in position.