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How to interpret a donk bet

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  • How to interpret a donk bet

    Hero (CO) 100BBs raise to 1.20 with Jh9h
    Villain (BB) 100BBs calls .80
    Pot 2.60
    Flop 226 rainbow with one heart in the board
    Villain donk bet 1.50
    Hero ?

    How can I interpret a donk bet?
    Very small percentage of the time villain is going to donk:
    Villain rarely is going to donk with a 2
    Villain rarely is going to donk with 66

    Maybe he's betting a small pair like 33, 44, 55 or a hand containing a 6 (like 65,64, 63, K6, Q6s etc) for protection. But i think he is going to check hands like A6, K6 because those doesn't need to much protection.

    I have three options available:
    Calling with the idea of bluffing some turns
    Raising representing some value hands

    What do you think? What is villains range consist of? I decided to fold. I think floating this flop if instead of a 6 is an 8,10 or 7 because those cards hit more often my range and also give me the possibility of some gut shots or some back doors.

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    A few years ago, I would have agreed with your assumptions, however, in today's game with the GTO programs, leading is happening more often.

    This is a great board for the BB to lead into you, seeing that he has a range advantage on this board.

    There really might not be much to do except just to double check your entire range to make sure that you are meeting MDF minimums on the flop.


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      Originally posted by jjpregler View Post
      This is a great board for the BB to lead into you, seeing that he has a range advantage on this board.
      With respect, this is just not true in an ante-less, cash game with rake. In an MTT this may be true as we will be getting the correct odds to call with a lot more suited 2x combos that we just need to fold preflop in a cash game.

      If we plug the ranges suggested in the 'GTO Cash Game Preflop Charts' from PC we can see that we as the PFR have a slight range advantage of 52% v 48% but this is practically neutral.

      As played, I think we need to be finding a float here. We need to be defending with a minimum of ~66% of our range but as we are IP I think we can and should defend a bit wider.

      We have overcards and a BDFD as well as actually having the best hand sometimes against villain's bluffs. The power of positional advantage should not be underestimated.


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        I scratch my head on these donk bet situations. JL and the other coaches insist donk betting is weak, but in my regular, pretty soft, game, I'm just not seeing it. If you think this is a weak player, I think they have some piece of this board, it's not a random bluff with 34 or something. I almost always fold. I think your possible options are addressing the question of what's my plan? And, if we call, how do we win? Is it going to go check-bet-fold on the turn? Are we raising the turn if villain bets? I think spots like this are too big of a headache. Just fold and move on.


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          Online and of a much smaller sizing, I find it to be a blocking bet. Based on the sizing, It doesn't look like a blocking bet. He has a 2, 6 or a middle pair. I think it is a clear fold.



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            Keen to hear further opinions on this. Just started back playing after 8-9 years (still got it!) but the donk lead has always thrown me, marginal made or even hands requiring slight protection get more value from the check raise long term? I can never wrap my head around whether im playing a moron on too many tables he forgot who pre-flop agged?