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  • Few Hands Review - Small Stakes Cash Games

    Hi fellow players Heres 6 hands from my last session wich im perplex about my plays. Any comment/advice is appreciated.

    1- Decided to Call from the SB (Not much of 3-betting from my opponents, so i tough bout seeing a flop ''prolly a bad move''). I guess i should have just 3-bet as a bluff or fold this hand. I guess i just got what i deserve by playing splashy on this. Betting kinda big on the flop with top pair and getting called, i guess i could have known that the Vilain could have a strong range made of Premium hands and good draws. Betting on the turn was maybe a mistake and i'm kinda happy that the River went check-check so i don't loose so much on this. Don't know if i could bluff the river ?

    2- I decided to Triple Barrel this hand but after seeing it again and again, I realise that i would have been call a lot by better hands than mine so i guess it's just a pure punt from me. Am i right or wrong ... ?

    3- Here, i played vs a friend and he told me after the hand that he ''bluffed me off''. Gotta say, hes a beginner and play somewhat Aggressive/recklessly. He told me he had AQo (bluffed me with the best hand on this spot).

    4- On this hand, i decided to call from SB because i rarely saw some BB 3-bet, might be a mistake tho but kinda felts like seeing a flop was a good moove. C-Betting my 2 pair on a semi-coordinated flop may be a mistake but i'm not sure. Wanted to bet for value/protection, but maybe Check/raising was a better play? Hard to tell, thats why i need you guys .

    5- Played super passive again by not Raising Preflop and I realise that AKs was actually an Easy 3-bet spot. On this table, opponents rarely raised so i figured that the opponents probably had a better hand. I guess my Flop Raise was a mistake too but im not sure...

    6- I guess it's just the same mistake again by playing this hand too passively. On this hand tho, i was VS my same friend and I know this guy can bet and try to bluff any hand at anytime so i just wanted him to aggro me. Raising the flop would have probably good, but i really wanted him to stay in the hand with anything. Maybe i got unlucky on the turn or i should have folded to a shove?

    Reviewing those hands was a good way to spot some obvious mistakes, but you guys might have something valuable to add to keep me (and us, ultimately) improving

    Again, thanks guys for your reviews, it means a lot to me.

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    I'll chime in on the first two hands, will try to hit others later.

    Hand 1 -

    Preflop - this should be a pure three bet or fold. If you want to get out of the way fine, but I'd squeeze to $.30 here on a frequent basis. Calling big unsuited cards when you're known to be out of position is a losing bet.

    Flop - I don't lead much in general and really don't think this is the board for it. The board is better for the preflop bettors range and worse for yours. You're almost solely going to fold out worse hands and get called by better hands and good draws.

    Turn - If our above logic was correct and we got called on the flop by better made hands and draws then this card is detrimental for us. I wouldn't put another penny in the pot.

    Hand 2 -

    If villain is raising a reasonable LJ range this is a fold preflop. As you're deep and I'm assuming the villain is loose and will probably pay you off we could consider calling here.

    At 2nl guys aren't attempting to balance a checking range, so once he checks flop we can put him on a hand worse than a K. This is probably not the best bluff combo as you'd have 98 and diamonds combinations with significantly more equity, plus a number of Kx for value. If we are going to bluff we need to go larger. Half pot bets are rarely the right size. As we rivered showdown value against various floats the villain could have I'd check and see a showdown.

    Best feedback I can give is to consult the preflop charts. You wouldn't have ended up in either of these spots.


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      Thx for the Feedback AJ You're the real MVP.

      As i tough, your points are consolidating my reviews. I guess i still gotta improve my Preflop game and bet sizing in general. I F'up KQo preflop too often as far as i'm concerned.

      Can't wait for your next comments Thanks again


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        Hand 3 - looks to be the same as the first hand. might be a bad link.

        Hand 4 - If you refer to the six max preflop charts you'll see there is no flatting range from the small blind when facing a bet. It's entirely three bet or fold. Despite the favorable outcome you would be better off either three betting the hand (the min raise doesn't look strong) or just folding. I'm noting this as I've seen it in 2/3 hands I've looked at. I'm sure this is happening elsewhere and is a leak.

        Cbetting is when the preflop aggressor makes another bet on the flop. UTG is the player that can cbet here, you or bb cannot. This is a lead and is generally not the best play. I would check the flop looking to check raise best made hands (two pair plus) and some draws.

        Hand 5 - bad link, refers to hand 4

        Hand 6 - Forget about your friend that is betting in to you (leading as noted above). There are two other players behind you. By calling you're giving them a great price to call in position to try and hit a hand. It's an odd configuration but I think you have to raise this every time. If you don't raise this are you only raising T8s for the straight? That's only four combinations of hands, if you hope to have any bluffs (story for a different time) you'll need to raise wider than that.


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          I edited my post... i F'd up my previous links but anyways, your feedback is totally legit as i can see that i got some major leaks that ill definitely work on.

          As always, Thx for the comments and i really appreciate your feedback on this

          GL HF on the tables

          Hand 6: I still have nightmares about how i didn't raise the flop. Gotta grow from it