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Folding A-high flush on paired board ?

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  • Folding A-high flush on paired board ?


    Thats NL5 zoom. I have no stats on villain. Should i raise the turn, and then bet the river or just fold on the river ? I threw sets and two pairs from his range because i think he would raise that on the flop. Is that a bad play or just bad beat ?

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    We don't have many premium hands on the flop so calling with our whole continuing range makes sense, and we can continue relatively tight since it's multiway.

    Definitely think we're raising turn to bet the rest on the river. No way we are folding river.


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      With the board pairing on the turn I'm probably just calling the river but definitely never folding.


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        I'm probably thinking about geting it in on the turn, however, after thinking about it, I don't think it's the right move. I think raising turn and folding to a reraise, or then raising turn and calling a river bet (assuming CO folds) is probably what I prefer. The way it played out, I think it is possible to fold the river. 3 way pot, and having a bet and raise on the river is pretty strong. Min raise into 2 players (given previous action) seems to lean toward value, which makes our flush a bluff catcher. Given it's zoom, probably less likely someone is overvaluing a smaller flush or worse. During the hand, I don't think I fold the river, but also I'd say, "Ugh, I knew he had the full house." If I call and I'm good, I would be surprised, which I guess means the fold would make sense to me, even if I wouldn't do it in the moment.


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          For me, i would just call the river bet i guess. If BTN show me the full house, at least we control our loss to the minimum. If we are good, then at least we got some value from the BTN.


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            On the turn there is way more we beat than we lose to in CO's value betting range:

            Assume he folds overpairs to our turn XR, and calls with all of his flushes, boats, and trips.

            Then the question becomes does he call trips to our river shove:

            River shove is way dicier than I thought it would be, but definitely think we're raising turn.