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River Shove Good?

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  • River Shove Good?

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    I think I prefer check-call on the river.

    I can't see many hands that want to call here that you beat. I think they are supposed to fold smth like AK, AQs on the flop.

    So now they should be left with slowplayed Jx, 1010, QQ, KK and AA if they don't 5bet shove them pre.

    I don't know if they bluff catch with a pair as you could definitely play AK like that.


    • Dilly
      Dilly commented
      Editing a comment
      Yeah I'm looking at it again, the issue is we don't have any bluffs here. We have 4 combos of KQs, 18 of KK QQ TT, everything else is TP2K or better. So they shouldn't call and at balance we should be going for a smaller size. We're really just hoping they think we're spazzing when we shove like this/